it-sa 2019 Promotion

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it-sa 2019 is just around the corner! Your booth preparations are set and your arrival is well organized.
But what about your social media buzz? How much attention have you already generated among your audience for your it-sa 2019 presence? Are you looking for more visibility for your own it-sa 2019 highlights, booth and speakers?
If yes, please take minute and check out our exclusive last-minute promotion package!

it-sa is well known and expected to attract around 14000 visitors. Where is your booth located and how many of these IT professionals do you expect to stop by your booth?
Our 89,000 IT & Data-/ IT Connection-Community members & 15,800 Twitter followers represent approximately 55 % of your target audience.

it-sa 2019 Promotion
on XING and Twitter

Our Offer:

Promotion of your it-sa invitation via Twitter postings & ReTweets as well as a XING moderation info.
Reach: >15.000 Twitter-Followers & around 55.000 XING-Subscribers.
Our offer: 350,- Euro net.

Included services:


We create a daily Twitter posting with your it-sa 2019 highlights starting on the first day after you placed your order (until the last day of the fair) and send it to our >15.000 Twitter-followers after your approval.
In addition, we share your postings daily (max. 2 per day)
for it-sa 2019 – from order placement until 15 October (i.e. until 5 days after the trade fair).

Moderation info on XING

Your text (max. 80 words) & Logo will be promoted in our moderation info in our IT&Data – XING-Group. The posting is visible in our XING Community Forum as well as sent via Email through the XING System.
Our Moderation info has approx. 55,000 group-members subscribers.

Live at the it-sa 2019

We will visit your booth on the first day of the fair (08.10.) and take pictures & if allowed a simple 90 sec. SoMe short video.
Alternatively, you can also provide us with your material, e.g. if you have a photographer on site.
The images and the video will be used for at least 3 Twitter postings per trade fair day to attract more visitors to your booth.


– We communicate with one contact ideally present at the booth.
– The exhibitor will provide us with one link (e.g. to your it-sa-Landing-Page) for the postings. If this is not done in time, we will link to the exhibitor page.
– The exhibitor names us 3 highlights (with exact spelling) to be mentioned in postings.
– The approvals take place promptly, at the latest within the same day.

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